Texas Troopers officially admit wrongdoing after ID complaint
By Martin Hill
January 26, 2011

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Driver files federal complaint against Texas troopers for civil rights violations

Text of official complaint

TRANSCRIPT: TX Trooper violates federal law 'because I have the badge and the gun'; driver records interaction

"Try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the fruitless works of darkness; rather expose them, for it is shameful even to mention the things done by them in secret; but everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for everything that becomes visible is light. Ephesians Chapter 5:10-13

The Texas Department of Public Safety, the agency which employs Texas State Troopers, has responded acknowledging wrongdoing after a California resident filed an official complaint against two of the Department's officers last November 18th.

The complaint involved the officer's claims that they could demand ID from anyone in Texas during traffic stops for any reason, even if the person was not driving. Martin Hill, who is employed part time driving a commercial 18 wheeler across the United States for a large corporation, was off duty in the 'sleeper berth' on November 10th when his partner was stopped at a Texas DOT weight station and given a citation for allegedly having an overweight load.

The DOT inspector then demanded that the driver show her Hill's ID. The partner was thus forced to wake Hill up. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations demand that all Commercial truck drivers must take a 10 hour break between shifts, including eight completely uninterupted hours in the sleeper berth. Failure to do this is a violation of federal law, so Hill knew that interrupting his break, as well as the officer's demand for his ID with no reasonable suspicion or probable cause, was illegal.

"These cops threatened to arrest me, take my freedom and lock me in a cage unless I complied with a demand which they had absolutely no right to make. This was the epitome of anti-American, tyrannical, and immoral behavior. When I had initially asked the Trooper why the inspector had woken me up, he sneered "We like to know who we're dealing with". When he later demanded my ID I asked who he was, and he replied "I'm the one with the badge and the gun". After I had initially refused to show him my license, he warned "I don't know how far you want to take this" and threatened to illegally imprison me under color of law. As a result of his actions, he now knows precisely who he's dealing with, doesn't he? And he has only just begin to see 'how far I have taken it'. I do not play games. As I stated in both my Texas and Federal civil rights complaint, the rule of law and constitution will be fully vindicated in this case. These two officers will not do this to me or to anyone, ever again."

The text of Hill's official 2 page complaint, which was filed on November 18th, can be found here. On December 20th, The Texas Department of Public Safety sent a response in which they admitted 'corrective action was needed' and 'additional training' given to officers. A pdf copy of their letter to Hill can be found here. Here is the copy of the envelope they sent it in.

"Dear Mr. Hill, This is in reference to your complaint received by the department regarding a traffic stop conducted by Inspector Yolanda Aguinaga and Trooper Kevin Marmor on Wednesday, November 20, 1010.
A review of your complaint has shown that corrective action was needed and additional training has been taken. Thank you for bringing your concerns to us, and allowing us to improve future services to the citizens and visitors of Texas..."

"I am no stranger to Texas", Hill said. "My great great grandfather was a lawyer and judge in Texas, and my great grandpa was a cattleman. I like to think I have a little of both."

"When the wicked rule, when weak-minded people with badges think that they can get away with violating people's rights and ignoring the law, we have an absolute moral obligation before Almighty God to strenuously oppose and rebuke them. That is what this case is all about," Hill said.

"I am glad that the department has admitted wrongdoing and taken this initial step in the process towards remedy and reparation," Hill added. "Truck drivers in Texas can now rest assured that they will not be illegally prevented from earning a living and getting rest when they need it. They will not have to tolerate a deranged 'show me your papers' Nazi-like mentality from degenerate, rogue criminal cops."

Hill has also filed an official Federal Civil Rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice, which is ongoing.

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