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By Martin Hill
January 26, 2017


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Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Declares: Highway Trust Fund Will Go Bankrupt By 2021 If We Don't Find New $$$ource Of Revenue: Gas Tax Is No Longer Adequate

Trucker Who Was Sleeping Forces Cops To Admit "The Passenger Is Under No Obligation To Comply With Request For ID" in Federal Court. :-)

6 YEARS AGO: Cops Admitted Wrongdoing To Me In Writing: Both TX Troopers Were Punished & Retrained On 4th Amendment

The U.S. Government's Official 5-Year Plan For Infrastructure Improvement

Top 100 Big Rig Bottlenecks On U.S. Interstates

Maniac Anti-Trump Dakota Protesters Cause Major Pileup, Rollover on Interstate 5 - Victm Hospitalized' Condition Unkown

SHOCKER: Giant Billboard Declares 'VACCINES CAN CAUSE AUTISM' On Major Texas Interstate

Run-Down On Elaine Chao, Trump's DOT Chief & The Highway Tru$t Fund Cri$i$

America's Highways: Better Than A Six Flags Roller Coaster

Challenge To Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell's Wife, New Head of DOT, To Ride In An Actual Big Rig For 2 Days Like Obama's Dingbat DOT Chief Did

Dept. Of Transportation Warns: "Tesla's Autopilot Requires The Continual And Full Attention Of The Driver

A Cautionary Tale: Safe driving tips for motorists around big rigs

PURE AMERICANA: Great 77-Year-Old Navy Vet Gives Tour Of His Classic Car Museum

NO-IDLING LAWS: The Environmental Earth-Worship Insanity of Government: 'No Heater Allowed, Even When It's 20 Degrees!' 11/8/15

VILE, DISGUSTING COMPANY: VP of largest fuel chain Pilot/FlyingJ boasts of cheating loyal customers: "F--k 'em early and F--k 'em often" 6/22/13. They cheated their loyal customers out of millions of dollars, and then were raided by the feds, who had recorded their meetings in a sting operation. Many of these companies sued them. This is an older story but very important to remember. This is why I avoid Pilot/FlyingJ when possible.

Beware Of Trump Tolls: Pundits Praise Trump's $1 Trillion Dollar 'Public-Private Partnership' Infrastrcture Repair Plan; Involves Tolls, User-Fees On America's Highways

A Few Notes On Trump's Pick Of Swamp-Dweller Neocon "Elaine Chao" As Head Of Dept. Of Transportation, From A Real (Non-PC) Trucker

How I beat a $700 ticket in 30 seconds in court (logbook ticket dismissed!)

Thugs Demand $200 from Motorist on California Roadside (How I beat a kingpin-to-rear-axle (KPRA) 40 feet ticket in California

How I beat a Speeding Ticket in California Superior Court of Appeals (Without A Lawyer) (Featured on & [Note: this was many years before I became a truck driver and was not involving a commercial vehicle.]

Why everyone should fight their traffic tickets: Every time Traffic Ticket Archive Section

Don't Ever Have The Cops Call A Tow Truck For You

7 YEARS AGO: Cops Admitted Wrongdoing To Me In Writing - Both TX Troopers Were Punished & Retrained On 4th Amendment (You're NOT required to show ID without cause.)

U.S. Department of Transportation Drowsy Driving Quiz Important Info here.

This is what happens when a big rig driver falls asleep: Exclusive video and photos of wreckage - Massive July 4th Crash: Demolished Vehicles, Avocados Everywhere

Insane Video of 193 Vehicle Chain-Reaction Crash on Interstate 94 in Michigan 1/10/15 [Note: The big RIG drivers in this crash were later cited, and rightly so. Only a reckless and insane maniac would drive that fast in the snow, ice and fog where there is zero visibility.

Craziest Black Ice Close-Call Crash You'll Ever See A motorist captured an incredibly horrific crash on the New Jersey Turnpike January 18th, 2015. The driver calmly recorded the events with his cellphone as a big rig came sliding completely out of control right at him at very high speeds. Insane video, currently has 8,393,323 views. Amazingly, no one was killed in the wreck.]

Man Who Refused Warrantless ID Check Arrested, Charged With 'Obstruction of Justice' in Georgia 5/20/14 [Note: Included on this page is a video of the interview I conducted with my friend Kenny Capell at his home in tbe hills of Tennessee about this case.]

Man Charged with 'Obstruction of Justice' in Georgia For Refusing Illegal ID Demand Wins, Has Criminal Case Dismissed By Witless Prosecutors 2/25/15

Trucker Wages $1.50 Per Mile 40 years ago! BJ & The Bear Pilot Episode Contrasts American Wage Disparity

FMCSA Administrator describes "smack in the face" & "much clearer view" after riding in an actual big rig for 2 days 11/7/2013
Note: This is the perfect example why we shouldn't have clueless people who don't know the first thing about trucking running the DOT.

Former DOT Motor Carrier Investigator/Federal Inspector Decries "Rouge Officers" Engaged In "Abuse of Power"

Trucking Trade group SBTC Challenges the NRA to Stand Up for Truckers' Gun Rights

Dr. Katherine Albrecht Discusses How Cops Are Tracking Truck Drivers Using Their Shopper-Rewards Cards

Martin Hill's Featured in Major Trucking Magazine: This story is currently featured on Team driver to law enforcement: 'Don't wake me up' 6/21/13

Arizona DOT Assures Residents They Can Fly Without Real ID Until 2020, After TSA Confuses & Scares Everyone

Good Samaritans Save Trucker From Houston Flood After Police, Govt Rescue Crews Nowhere To Be Found

U.S. DOT Opens U.S. Border To Mexican Trucks "Marking A Significant Milestone In Implementation Of NAFTA"- Inspector General Warns That Safety of Mexican Carriers Has Not Been Shown - 1/19/15 [Has President Trump repealed this yet?]

What Happens When You Sue the Cops for Civil Rights Violations? Update on 'Trucker Vs. TX Troopers' ID Case - 2/4/14

U.S. Supreme Court: "We Don't Need No Stinkin' American Truckers, Open up the Floodgates To Mexican Trucks" 1/14/14

Feds looking for more druggies, try to mandate random hair follicle testing of truckers

So-called 'Trucker Strike' Launched by anti-Muslim Zealot Who says to 'F---' police

Fatigued Truckers Killing Troopers Everywhere as Insane Cops Continue to Revel In Waking Up Off-Duty Sleeping Drivers 6/24/13

Psycho TX cop warns TV News of 'fatigued truckers' after defending cops who woke up sleeping trucker 6/7/2013

Florida Highway Patrol Spokesman claims right to violate 4th Amendment 6/10/2013 [I was a guest on the Dave Nemo trucking radio show [] on SiriusXM Radio to discuss this article and related issues on July 2nd.]
FLORIDA GOVT IN A FRENZY OVER BEING EXPOSED Florida state government agencies and law enforcement have been visiting my website every day for multiple hours since our expose on the Florida Highway patrol's illegal actions. They are also conducting internet searches to try and cover their @$$ legally.

Catastrophic Bridge Collapse reveals importance of sleep for Truckers as NTSB investigates sleep records

Benevolent Federal government finally allows truckers to sit in the front seat 3/5/2012 [Featured on]

DOT Employees Stole $2.1 Million From Taxpayers, Audit Reveals: Not A Single Person Punished - $2.1 million in unauthorized purchases, $200k in cash advances were made by government employees, with no consequence given 9/29/14

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